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Should I Waterproof My Roof?

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The main purpose of any commercial or domestic roof is to protect your property from a number of different elements, including from all forms of harsh weather conditions.

Harsh weather conditions are one of the main causes of all manner of roof problems and often the reason that roofs need urgent repairs completing. Furthermore, a roof which has been damaged by weather conditions is more likely to allow in leaks, which – if left to get worse – could cause a number of different problems to the interior of your home. These can include anything from superficial damage to the wallpaper within your home to much more dangerous issues, such as electrical faults or even structural damage.

 Here are just a few of the most common questions that we encounter regarding the waterproofing of roofs, as well as the all-important answers to those questions.

 How Common Is Water Damage To Roofs?

 If your roof isn’t installed or maintained correctly, it’s likely that you will encounter water damage unfortunately frequently.

 Roofs which haven’t been properly equipped to deal with all manner of weather conditions – from high wind to storms to simply rain – are left open to the possibility that the structure of the slates and materials could be compromised. Should the slates or tiles used within your roofs come out of place, water damage could begin to occur fairly quickly.

 How Will Water Damage Affect My Roof And My Home?

 This will commonly lead to leaks, which can quickly worsen and escalate if they are not dealt with immediately. As discussed previously, such leaks can cause a wide range of different problems, all of which can be at best inconvenient and – at worst – potentially dangerous.

 The mildest problems which may occur as a side effect of leaks within your home are superficial damage to plaster or wallpaper, though they will, overtime, increase the likelihood of mould or damp setting in. Should a leak begin to affect the inside of the walls within your home, your home is left open to more dangerous issues, such as electrical faults and structural damage, the latter of which can be incredibly complex, expensive and time-consuming to fix.

 Of course, even if the problems are at their mildest, anything in the room directly below your roof is left open to the possibility of immediate damage. This may be a loft, where your belongings could be damaged if the space is being used for storage, or a bedroom, which likely includes electrical equipment. In the case of the latter, you are once again being left open to dangerous electrical faults.

 How Can I Have My Roof Waterproofed?

When looking to have your roof waterproofed, you should always seek the assistance of a professional roofing company.

Here at Roofcare North Staffs, we have years of extensive professional experience in carrying out a vast array of roofing repairs, installations and replacements. Our highly experienced and skilled team have been thoroughly trained to carry out each and every project that they take on to the very highest of standards.

 Should you find that you have any leaks or signs that your roof is in need of repair or simply wish to ensure that your roof is waterproofed and given the maximum protection from such occurrences, get in touch today on 01782 792809 and find out what we can do to help you.